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Psychedelia.Space was created to talk about the bizarre parts of otherworldly experiences. This could be Near Death Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body Experiences, entheogens like Ayahuasca and DMT and many more plant substances.

The other drive is to help scientists who are doing research into the same topics.

If you'd like to talk about it, please join us in Chat. We have people with all sorts of experiences and paths.
Unlike most chats of this nature, it seems drama low and very mature and open to many opinions.

Honestly, I was told about an impending death of a child. This made me stay up frantically searching for answers. There just were none, other than these personal reports that while I could understand each, on whole they were a mystery.

My quest is to help the next person looking for answers. "If there is a Logos then to find it we must leave no rock unturned to look for the truth" or "My Aristitolean search for the afterlife, the all and God."

At this time we make no judgment calls, all we will do is allow you to search by specific criteria and let you judge for yourself.

Take care brothers and sisters, I crafted this site out of love for you. ~Ess

Thank you again:

Acy, Changuar, RedEyeBabylon for helping get it off the ground.
Yumi, Levianthansbase and Pandora for giving me the courage to start this site 2 years ago.
Ulim for artwork.
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