This system is still new, please save any experience reports, incase we still have errors we haven't found. This message will be removed in July 2018 or after 200 solid entries, when we feel like the system has proven to be stable and semi-bug free.
All of the "personal" information like height, weight and age are optional. It is just so we can use the data or help others gauge result by weight by catalyst. The more data we have the more we can use to find patterns.

EssCee - Tell Us About Your Journey

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Eat Better
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Found Spirituality
I am comfortable being who I am
I know myself
Let go of pain
Let Things Go
Started more frequent Meditation/Prayer
Temporary Afterglow
Personal Factors:
Identifies as Belief:
My Experience Reports:
Title Catalysts Positivity Year of Experience Synopsis Author
Freedom in the Jungle.. Loss of the worst of pains Ayahuasca 10 2014 Catholic Father, suffering with impending death of a child. Went looking for answers and proof. EssCee View
I'll just drink another glass.. Pharmhuasca 8 2013 Egyptian results, Greater self telling me how to be him. EssCee View
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All story's entered from this screen will be displayed in the search results, once Approved. You may only use story's here written permission from Psychedelia.Space or the owner of the story. Some Story's may be rejected due to questionability or the experience or promoting dangerous situations for others. We may not catch all of these nor do we validate truth. We can only work with a individual subjective understanding. Information provided is for research purposes. Over time we believe we will ahev solid data to be used in scientific research and allow the community to speak specifically and openly about teh good and the bad sides of psychedelics.

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