The Mythos - DMT Monster Manual

Name Known By Catalysts Genres Short Description
19th Century Jester Spirit/Demon None LSD (of Many) Ancient (of Many) In this experience, I was transported to a 19th century setting and everything looked like it had a sepia filter on it. I saw a woman standing by horses and a buggy and I also saw a floating head coming towards me. I immediately became scared, looking away from the evil sight. As it was coming closer, it was humming "gadom, gadom, gadom" over and over and when it got really close to me it looked in my eyes and said "Heeelllo". It was extremely creepy. This resulted from a combination of LSD and sleep deprivation. | View Entity
Banshee NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Generic (of Many) Floating Female, usually a ghastly or spirit form. Sometimes helpful in Hyperspace. | View Entity
Beings made of blue light. NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Alien (of Many) Beings made of light With a blue tinge. | View Entity
Blue Beings NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Alien (of Many) Blue Beings, may have triangular head. Teachers | View Entity
Cheerleader Silhouette NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Alien (of Many) . I was greeted by a girl-pattern (ponytailed, cheerleader-skirted, Picassoesque hostess type thing) that started off the show, cocking her head and posing her limbs at a jaunty angle as she pointed one way, looking at me — it almost looked like she winked. | View Entity
Child 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Family (of Many) Another Human or generic humanoid form that seems human. | View Entity
Circus Ringmaster Elf-like Clown NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Commonly under the ringmaster, extremely friendly and loving. "Now a different one was communicating with me...I had the impression that he was the 'ringmaster' of this crazy clown circus. the others were still there, especially the majorette. She was stroking my face and soothing me, sending me healing energy. They wanted me to know that I was beautiful and they loved me and wanted to help me and I was entitled to everything I ever wanted, I just had to accept it" | View Entity
Comedy Mask NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Smiling masks on a wall. These were taken from Greek Mythology. Thalia, being the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry; and Melpomene, the muse of tragedy. Muse, in this case, is a protector of an art or science. | View Entity
Cosmic Crystalline Feline Bad Kitty NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) "and then — a formless growing Shape. A sound accompanied its progress towards me — a rising, rhythmic, metallic whine; a staccato meeyow that was issuing from a diamond larynx. And then, there it loomed before me, a devastating horror, a cosmic diamond cat. It filled the sky, it filled all space. There was nowhere to go. It was all that was. There was no other place for me in this — *Its* universe. I felt leveled under the cruel glare of its crystalline brilliance. My mind, my body, my vestige of self-esteem perished in the hard glint of its diamond cells." | View Entity
Creator God NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Generic (of Many) God or Godlike figure that was working in the fields, wiped the sweat from his brow and created the universe. He was a creator, worked in a woodshop and in a lab. Was the first being to pass down information. "It was like his knowledge from those experiences were passed down to us." | View Entity
Crystals - Sentient NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Symbiotic and endo symbiotic crystals. | View Entity
Dancers - multicolored 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Their bodies will transform into stories and backgrounds. | View Entity
Egyptian Warrior with Anubis Mask Anubis Masked Warrior Pharmhuasca (of Many) Egyptian (of Many) Tall stout, seems to want to lead or train you for some upcoming personal struggle. Toughen you up. | View Entity
Elf (From Folklore) NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Normal elf, like Lord of the rings or Keebler. | View Entity
Elf-like Clown NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Commonly under the ringmaster, extremely friendly and loving. "Then four elf-like clowns appeared out of the space in the floor. All of them were really friendly. One of these clowns was a pretty majorette dressed in a blue, soldier/nutcracker-like kinda uniform...with big red circles painted on her cheeks and a big, beautiful smile. She had a bag of candy and she was offering it to me. They all seemed to be offering gifts, I felt like they would have given me anything I ever wanted...but this nymph with the candy was extremely appealing..." | View Entity
Entity(ies) Generic NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) "Other beings were around" or "Other entities" with no description. | View Entity
Evil Spirit(s) Generic 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Spirits with seemingly malicious intent, sometimes with a lesson, sometimes trickery. | View Entity
Fairies None Attached Yet None Attached Yet the size of lightning bugs or up to the size of old action figureds (2-3 inches) Usually flying and good natured. | View Entity
Female Adult 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Family (of Many) Another Human or generic humanoid form that seems human. | View Entity
Flame - Sentient NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Blue or Red flame, no heat. Sentient. | View Entity
Floating Face NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Disembodied face found midair. | View Entity
Floating Inspection Droid Little robot. None Attached Yet Alien (of Many) These small devices scan the individual, sometimes entering or touching, sometimes not touching at all. -"They reminded me of miniature robotic vacuum cleaners with scanning noses. Advanced mechanical objects, each attempting to report on a different region of my body." | View Entity
Formless Deity of lights None Attached Yet Ancient (of Many) Lights that seem to want to tell a story, there is a definite presence. " It had no face, and its form was like a string of multicoloured lights constantly morphing; like a clown making a series of balloon animals, beginning with a dog, he alters a couple of parts, holds it differently to reveal a dolphin, and so on. It was certainly a living presence, and without a face it was still somehow staring eye to eye with me as though it knew everything about my entire life." | View Entity
Fractal being NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Alien (of Many) When the fractal space becomes a being or a being steps out of the fractals. | View Entity
Gargantuan Guardians NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Male and Cocky, Muscly. Guarded the Mandala/Crysanthemum | View Entity
Geniuses or Djinn None Attached Yet Ancient (of Many) Geniuses or Genii: These guys tend to be sitting in fanciful chairs and observe you with a much more dour and reproachful manner than either of the above types. They tend to lean back with their head tilted somewhat disdainfully to the side, stroking their chin or fingering their noses slowly. If they decide they have energy for you, they will get out of their seats, and move lightning quick. Immediately appearing behind you, and wherever you turn your head or your attention, they will already be there. They seem to enjoy demonstrating how pathetic you are, and often answer your questions before you even ask them. Very humbling. Though they don't have horns necessarily, and are usually neon rainbow opalizing on ebony, rather than red... they do have something in common with popular conceptions of devils or "the devil." They are far more genteel than the above two types (essential nature - GUILE & LOGIC). Hyperspace Fool - | View Entity
Glowing Lights NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Alien (of Many) Entities made of pure light, non humanoid, tiny specks to large entities. Usually teachers. | View Entity
Gnomes NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) The Gnomes have a new way to say "Hooooooray" | View Entity
God of Old, White haired Grandfather 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Christian (of Many) God of Old White haired Grandfather. Generally Jolly. Specific aspect of God. | View Entity
Golden Salamander Fabulous Salamander None Attached Yet None Attached Yet Apparently sometimes the Salamander can be found in 70's Decor all decked out in multi colors and reflections | View Entity
Golem 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Sometimes just the being itself, sometimes sentience | View Entity
Grandfatherly Being NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Kind old man usually a guide or teacher | View Entity
Greater Self None Attached Yet None Attached Yet The You that you want to be. Usually helps guide you kindly or by yelling | View Entity
Grey Aliens Greys 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Alien (of Many) Grey Aliens | View Entity
Guardian Angel 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Angelic (of Many) One of or your only guardian angel. Usually to teach a lesson or just to show themselves as a sign to know you are supported. | View Entity
Harlequin NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Harlequin, Sometimes Dancing. | View Entity
Holographic block people NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Apparently they like to get their groove on. "I was taken to what appeared to be a huge celebratory gathering. Holographic-Block-like people were dancing and laughing to semi tribal-hip hop. " | View Entity
Imp NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) The DIabolical Imp, Seen with the Harlequin and Jesters and clowns | View Entity
Insectoid Insect Alien 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Alien (of Many) Mantis or other large insectoid creature. | View Entity
Jesus Christ 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Christian (of Many) Representations of a bright being, or one from Love. Sometimes it is images of Jesus, sometimes it is a feeling that the entity is a part of him. Usually saviourish always loving. | View Entity
Kikker 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Generic (of Many) This is DMT Nexus's Chat bot. If you think you saw this on DMT. You were just High and forgot to log out. | View Entity
Kokopelli Trickster Flutist None Attached Yet Ancient (of Many) Native American Flute Player, sometimes seen dancing in fractal light. Wikipedia: Kokopelli is a fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with feathers or antenna-like protrusions on his head), who has been venerated by some Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music. | View Entity
Laughing Clown Fool NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Sometimes seen with the Jester, Imp, Troll and Harlequin. | View Entity
Lizard NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Different than a LizardMan, this is a salamander or snake that can talk. | View Entity
Lucifer Feminine Lonely Widow 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Then the first thing we 'see'(and feel), its the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in life or death. It feels like my soul would be torn up from looking at it if I weren't already dead. It's also so sad. A sad thing. It's like a shell of a being. Like a shadow, or a whisper, or a afterthought, this thing not alive but it's HUGE. Incredible sadness. And dark, blackness, bleakness. The definition of refined elegance too. Timelessness. It's a woman. The shadow of something. The flaw in something bigger. Like we are seeing a sliver of a piece of something else. Maybe a static jumbled recording. Still piercingly beautiful, to the core of my being (See: Kalonkinesioöptic). The appearance is too alien, foreign, and abstract to describe here with words. Only the feeling of profound beauty and sadness. A sense that it is feminine or a woman as well. She is very graceful, with almost feline delicacy and refinement. - Was more of a Guide through hell. | View Entity
Machine Elf Queen NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) The underlining source of all Hyperspace experiences. Seeing the Queen of the Machine Elves is akin to suddenly realizing that all the patterns and Machine Elves you have seen before are, in fact, Her. She is everything the breakthrough is all about. You finally "get it". | View Entity
Machine Elves None Attached Yet None Attached Yet Self transforming jeweled basketballs | View Entity
Male Adult 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Family (of Many) Another Human or generic humanoid form that seems human. | View Entity
Mannequin 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Sometimes Hollow, Sometimes animated. | View Entity
Medieval Witch NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Tries to share knowledge, can be intimidating even when friendly. Possible triangular shaped head. | View Entity
Medusa 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Lady or Snake Feminine Creature. Maybe snakes for hair. General Mythology states she can turn you to stone with a met gaze. | View Entity
Monster Generic NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) "I saw a monster", "there was a monster present". Not always a malevolent experience, sometimes a teacher sometimes a prankster. | View Entity
Multi Armed Goddess NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Tries to share knowledge, can be intimidating even when friendly. Possible triangular shaped head. | View Entity
Neon Spider "frisky spider" NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Neon Spider seen from the inside and the outside. Has been known to be "frisky". <-- Iaughing as I write this but.. yea. | View Entity
Octopod 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Alien (of Many) Octopi type creature | View Entity
One of Many Mothers Universal Mother Ayahuasca (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Specific Entity in Ayahuasca. Beautiful and caring. No majesty just love. As if live is hard and she will let you lay your head on her lap. "She showed me about creation and told me about many secrets of life. Things she told me she couldn't tell others, but I had to hear it to heal" "God/Universe loves your child more than you ever could", then she showed me that love. | View Entity
Opti NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Jungian (of Many) Made famous by the NGC report. Possible Fiction | View Entity
Person From Reality Morphs NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Alien (of Many) Usually in OEV's other people in the room can morph into entities. IMHO, points to internal only. | View Entity
Reality Hackers NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) No material form. Entities appeared, this time coming to my reality. They said that they were a group of "reality hackers." They said that they are from a universe that was more evolved than the one we experience here. They are from a much higher dimension. Just before their home universe was destroyed, they managed to figure out how to hack reality. They travel through-out time and space trying to figure out how to stop their universe from being destroyed. So, what I had gathered at this point: They were capable of navigating/manipulating reality, to an extent, but still had a lot to figure out. They said, "We've been told that we needed to come see you, and that you would help us." They may try to borrow your body. | View Entity
Rubik's Control Panel 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Alien (of Many) Gelatinous or metallic rubik's cube control | View Entity
Shadow Lady NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Jungian (of Many) Woman made of Shadow. Had a blowgun that blew colors. | View Entity
Silver Girl NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Lady, semi Ghostlike or Flesh in form (sounded like hyperspace tangibility) | View Entity
Smiley Face Lady NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Alien (of Many) Non human female entity with the "smiley face" drawn on in light. | View Entity
Smiling Hammers Fascist Hammers LSD (of Many) Add New From Report (of Many) I was transported to a cartoonish, animated world where I saw three hammers similar to those in art from Pink Floyd's The Wall except with smiling faces. They did not speak but I could feel them silently judging me for some transgressions, though I'm not sure which ones. They then struck me in the side of my face and I physically felt the hit. This was induced by LSD and sleep deprivation. | View Entity
Snake - Sentient NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Sentient Snake | View Entity
Spirit(s) Generic Ghost 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Generic SPirit or Spirits, could be one could be millions. | View Entity
The Flower God Demi-translucent-triangled-flowerhead-God None Attached Yet Ancient (of Many) The demigod's form was like this — he (I knew it was a he) had a human body, more or less. But rather than a head, he had an enormous flower. I saw this flower as very three-dimensional, translucent, and glowing in neon-like lines of color. And it was not just any flower. The petals rose out and bifurcated in countless tiny petals and leaves, all arranged in a geometric kaleidoscope fashion (though — from my perspective — the kaleidoscope was 'turned' to face the other person, not me). The pistils inside the flower were like bundles of tentacles, each also bifurcating into countless tiny tentacles, the whole lot slowing turning and swirling in precise geometric motion. This flower god was intensely beautiful — more beautiful than anything I had ever seen before. The colors were impossibly vivid. The translucency was magnitudes beyond any Alex Gray painting. The geometry was more crisp and symmetrical than any kaleidoscope | View Entity
The Jester The Fool NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Sometimes you will see multiple. You are taking something too seriously. Also this sites Chatbot | View Entity
The Mantis NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Ancient Teacher, here to show you and explain things. | View Entity
The Mother Ayahuasca (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Entity commonly met in Ayahuasca. Healer of tears, calming perfection of a mother figure. | View Entity
The Observer The Watcher NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Alien (of Many) "I knew I was being watched and was aware of its presence, but it seemed to just be a witness to my trials" | View Entity
Toy Child 5-MeO-DMT (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Child that looks like a toy, plastic or metal or wood. | View Entity
Tragedy Mask NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Frowning masks on a wall. These were taken from Greek Mythology. Thalia, being the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry; and Melpomene, the muse of tragedy. Muse, in this case, is a protector of an art or science. | View Entity
Transforming Clock NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Generic (of Many) Doe's speak. Has to do with a message about time usually. | View Entity
Troll NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) Standard folklore Troll. Sometimes seen with the Imp, With and Foole/Clown. | View Entity
Voluptuous Warrior Maidens NN-Dimethyltryptamine (of Many) Ancient (of Many) (note report was early 2000's). "The story line was that of the weirdest heavy metal video ever designed. There were barbaric artifacts and luxury items all over. The world was inhabited by buxom, bottom-heavy, voluptuous nymphos." | View Entity
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